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Sameer Mansoori


Tyag is Like a temple for me, where everyday i learn special things, The Faculty of Tyag is very good. They always help me in any situation. My favourite teacher is Avinash Sir (Physics). He is also my ideal.

Tyag is Really a very good institute. teachers are very supporing and have excellent, skilled , atmosphere is also very good. Supporting institute and have tough preperation for JEE. Thank You TYAG.

Utsav Pandey

11th (Biology)

"Tyag ek Dridh Sankalp" is an amazing institute which not tell you how to read, write or rewrite, but also how to use your brain to overcome national level examination from begining (The Foundation).

Tyag is the best coaching for IIT and NEET. All the teachers good and they behave just like member of family. I feel happy in this coaching. Facilities are also best. The best teacher is Avinash Tiwari and also all the teacher best.

Tyag is very good coaching institute for students who wish to appear for JEE & NEET. The work of teacher is very appreciative. They help us clear all our fundamentals related to studies.

Yukti jain


Tyag a best coaching institute I’ve come across. Teachers are very hardworking & supportive. They are motivate student to achieve their goals, no one can ever beat physics faculty of tyag. I am lucky to find such amazing teachers.

Priyansh Singh


Tyag is a home away from home, where I can learn new knowledgeable, things, everyday all the teachers treat like our family members. The faculty motivate me every time specially my ideal Mr.Avinash Sir.

Harshit chatuvedi


Tyag is just not a coaching institute. It is a temple of education and learning. The extra advance faculty of tyag help every student in developing their learning skills, specially the physics faculty AvinashTiwari sir always motivates us.

Dear teacher we may not say their every day but your inspirational. Words are like beautiful foot prints that have been etched in our hearts ans mind. Tyag is a best institute.



We having very good faculty . the teachers are very supportive and treat the every student as family member. Every teacher is very precious abouts the studies of students. All teacher are very motivated & helps to cheers the student. among all a very happy here.

Harshit Singh


Tyag have very good motivating faculties. They are very much supporting towords their students. Tyag teacher are ideal for me. Specially physics faculty Mr.Avinash sir is very much good. Tyag make mygoal achieved.



Tyag have very good motivating faculty. they are much supporting towords the students tyag teachers are ideal for me, specially physics faculty Mr. Avinash sir is very much good tyag talk my goals achieved.



Tyag educational institute is a very good place. Where I cal actually visualue exactly.what I want to achieve. Teachers at tyag are very supportive and helpful for the preparation of NEET. I found avery good inviroment for studies here.

Tyag institute is very good, helpful, coprative also. I really lucky to have tyag institute for my NEET exam preparation, teachers are so hjelpful, coprative and encouraging also.

Tyag is really a dridh sankalp for me.* Teachers are very motivative.* Tyag has developed my competitive skills.* Teachers also gaves us extra time for studies and for solving competitive paper.

Teachers give up their personal and family time to grade papers teachers always keep their batteries charged teacher support us both morally and help us to improve our subjective skills.

Teachers give us extra time and support us both morally and also help us to sharpen our subjective skill so at last I prefer tyag for coaching of IIT-JEE and NEET rather than going to kota or somewhere else.

Tyag has helped us in the preparation of JEE and my board preparation also. they support us and teach well in my study they covered my all the back course. they help him to clear my doughts.